The FIDI Conference

Postponment of the 2020 FIDI Conference – Frequently Asked Questions

Background: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has all but paralysed international travel as of February 2019, the FIDI Board took the difficult decision of postponing the 2020 FIDI Conference in Osaka to next year. This decision was made public on Friday, 6 March 2019.

All registrations which were completed before this date will be carried over to next year at no extra cost. The FIDI Conference team will open registrations to next year’s conference in due time.  The FIDI office is currently working on organizing the next FIDI Conference in the same location, and the confirmed dates will be announced as soon as possible.

If you have already registered, you will find below some answers to the most common questions regarding registration and attendance of the FIDI Conference in 2021:

Can I keep my registration for 2021 Osaka?

Yes and you don’t need to do anything from your side. If we don’t hear from you, everything you purchased (registration and extra activities/tours) will be carried forward to 2021 at no extra cost.

What if I change my mind and decide to cancel my registration later on?

You can cancel your conference registration at any point (until we open the registration for 2021). All you need to do is to send an email to and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Will the payable activities/tours I purchased be reimbursed if I cancel?

No, extra payable activities/tours will not be reimbursed, as these have already been paid for by FIDI in advance. However, if you keep your registration for next year’s conference, all payable activities/tours will be carried over to next year’s event.

Will the extra payable activities/tours be the same in 2021?

FIDI is making all possible arrangements to keep the same extra activities and tours programme. In case you have booked a tour for 2020 that we won’t be able to offer in 2021, we will contact you and you will get priority to pick another one of your choice (for no extra cost) before we launch registration.

What if the extra payable activities and tours I chose have different prices?

FIDI won’t charge you extra in case your 2020 tour is cancelled and the 2021 tour you chose is more expensive. At the same time, FIDI won’t reimburse you the difference in case the tour you chose is cheaper.

Can I change my tour choice?

You can only change your tour choice if the tour you booked in 2020 is cancelled. You are of course free to register to additional tours once we reopen registrations.

What do I need to do if I want to cancel my registration?

If you decide to cancel your registration, please send an email to and we will proceed as requested. Please bear in mind that there will be a delay in your reimbursement and extra payable tours will not be reimbursed.

Will FIDI reimburse my flights and accommodation?

FIDI will not cover any charges linked to your travel arrangements or accommodation. We suggest you to contact your insurance company and to check with your airline what cancellation policies are applicable.

If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact the FIDI Conference team at