1.1.                Who can attend?

FIDI welcomes to its conference FIDI Past Presidents, staff and official representatives of FIDI Associations, Directors, Board Members and Staff of FIDI Affiliates.

  • Conference attendants must be owners, officers or employees of FIDI Affiliates or Affiliated branches:
    – Owner: Individual who owns a FIDI affiliated business entity and generally has decision making abilities and first right to profit
    – Officer: Individual who acts in an official capacity on behalf of the Affiliate, such as a Director, Executive, Manager, President, Vice President, CEO or other individual authorised to so act, and who is responsible to manage the day-to-day business and to carry out the policies set down by the company board
    – Employee: Individual who works under a written contract of employment with the Affiliate or Affiliated branch
  • Staff and official representatives of FIDI Associations, Directors and Board Members of Affiliates and Direct Affiliates
  • Past Presidents and Honorary Officers of FIDI
  • Official guests and sponsors invited by the President or the FIDI Board
  • Affiliates can suggest inviting certain corporate customers to the FIDI Conference, based on these customers’ support of the FIDI cause and FAIM certification. The purpose is to enhance the customers’ FAIM and FIDI knowledge, for the benefit of all FAIM certified companies. These invited companies are not direct customers of FIDI, and the intention is therefore not to get something in return. These invitations are subject to approval by the FIDI Board
  • The FIDI Board may decide to waive their conference registration fee only. The FIDI Board and Office have considered these invitations in light of our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Charter (ABC) and have made the informed decision that these invitations do not violate the rules of ABC
  • Non-industry attendees (referred to as “social delegates”)
    • Social Delegates, like spouses, partners, relatives, children are welcome to attend, provided they are not associated with a non-affiliated business involved in and/or active in the household goods and personal effects transportation and/or relocation industry. Social Delegates will be allowed to attend all functions of the conference programme.
  • Staff of new applicants, owned by an existing FIDI Affiliate, who has passed the objection stage of the FIDI application process, will be allowed to attend the FIDI Conference.

Each FIDI Delegate is entitled to invite one non-registered guest to the FIDI Gala Dinner or FIDI Welcome Reception, providing availability and payment of an attendance fee for these events as defined by FIDI. The guest will be requested to wear a specific badge and cannot attend the events and activities organized in the framework of the FIDI Conference. It is the responsibility of the FIDI delegate to ensure his/her guest complies with these requirements.

1.2. Attendance Authorisation Process:

Since the FIDI Office is not in the position to perform a background check of individual delegates, the FIDI Associations will screen the registration list once a month prior to the conference, to validate whether a delegate meets the above attendance criteria and inform the FIDI Office in the event of a problem.

If you are uncertain about whether you are eligible to attend  the conference, please check with the FIDI Office before registering at conference@fidi.org, or check directly with your local FIDI Association.

1.3. Registration Process

Registration (and payment) to the FIDI Annual Conference has to be completed through the FIDI dedicated online registration system. By registering to the FIDI Conference, you acknowledge that you are in compliance with these Annual FIDI Conference Attendance/Registration Regulations, as well as the Anti-Bribery Policy, Anti-Trust Policy & Conference Code of Conduct (available on the FIDI conference website), and that you will abide by these at all times.

Please note this year, FIDI will manage the hotel bookings and therefore the delegates will have the opportunity to book their registration and hotel accommodation all at the same time, through the same system. Due to the hotel buy out, there will be a better registration rate for those delegates who book their stay at the conference hotel.

Should you wish to stay at an alternative location, please note there will be higher fees, please check the Conference Rates document for further details on all the rates available.

This year, we will also introduce a day rate, this rate applies to local and surrounding Affiliates who may wish to allow additional employees attend the conference for one day.

1.4. Registration Rules & Regulations

The last few years have seen an increasing trend in the number of Affiliates attempting to attend the FIDI Annual Conference without registering. This is not only unfair to those who adhere to the regulations and pay the registration fees, but it also has a direct impact on the financial health of the Federation.

For those contemplating attending, bringing partners or colleagues to the conference without registration, the following penalties will apply:

  • The ‘First Participant onsite registration’ fee will be invoiced
  • Any person not in compliance with the conference attendance/registration regulations will be requested to leave the conference premises immediately

By registering to the FIDI Annual Conference, attendees agree to adhere to the Conference Code of Conduct.
By registering and subsequently attending the FIDI Annual Conference, attendees are required:

  • To observe any rules and regulations as may be deemed applicable by the FIDI Board and the FIDI Office
  • Not to enter false or misleading information in their registration form
  • To meet the requirements for representing the FIDI Affiliate
  • Respecting the rules and regulations regarding the registration eligibility of conference attendees
  • To only promote the business of the FIDI Affiliate the attendee is representing
  • To ensure that the Annual FIDI Membership dues for the year have been paid prior to the Conference, as this is a pre-requisite to benefit from FIDI Services
  • To ensure immediate payment of the FIDI Annual Conference registration fees through the payment methods offered during the registration process, prior to the start of the conference
    • Failure to pay before the start of the conference may lead to you not being issued your badge and thus not having access to the FIDI Conference activities and sessions

The terms of these Registration Rules & Regulations are subject to change by FIDI, at any time and without notice, prior to the launch of the registration process.

1.5. FIDI Conference Badge regulations

As a delegate to the FIDI Conference, you will receive a personalized conference badge which cannot be exchanged.

  • There will be only one badge (and one lanyard) provided per delegate. If it is lost, an extra badge can  be issued subject to an administrative fee of 15,00€
  • If for any reason your badge or lanyard is damaged, it will be replaced upon receipt of the damaged one
  • Your (identity) picture will be printed on your name badge and is a per-requisite for your registration to be accepted by FIDI. It is recommended to provide FIDI with a recent and high resolution picture
  • Please do not share or give your badge to someone else who is not registered to the conference
  • Attendance and presence at and in the conference hotel – NH Krasnapolsky Hotel – will be by badge only. No badge – no entrance to FIDI events and/or functions or conference hotel
  • The badge for the Gala Dinner/Welcome Reception extra-guest, only gives access to these events and NOT to the whole FIDI Conference


Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer, and you will receive a registration confirmation and official invoice/receipt upon submission of your registration.

Your registration fee covers all general, open-to-all FIDI Conference programme events (such as, but not limited to the Welcome Reception, General Assembly and Gala Dinner), business sessions and workshops, amongst others.

It does not include:

  • Out–of-pocket expenses, local transfers (airport-hotel-airport), optional payable tours/activities/workshops, car hire and any other costs incurred personally
  • Accommodation – reservations are made directly by the delegate with the hotel, using the specifically generated reservation link for FIDI
  • Flights are not included in the registration fee and each Affiliate is responsible for booking their own travel – discounts are offered on partner airlines


3.1. Early bookings – Special Discounted Rates

Significant savings can be made by booking early; there are different rates available depending on when you book. While every effort will be made to accommodate last-minute requests, certain activities only have limited spaces available. Therefore, we recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.

Registration for the 2019 FIDI Conference – Amsterdam opens on Tuesday 27th November 2018

Registration Early Rates Registration Regular Rate Registration Onsite Rates
Registration received between 27th November 2018 and 29th January 2019 inclusive From 30th January to 13th March 2019 Registration received as of 14th  March 2019 onwards


If you require a visa to enter The Netherlands, please start your visa application process upon registering to the FIDI Conference!  Please be aware that obtaining a visa may be a lengthy procedure.

3.2. Confirmation of your registration to the Annual FIDI Conference

Once you have registered for the FIDI Conference and paid the registration fee, you will receive an official confirmation invoice/receipt.

3.3. Conference Registration Form

When registering, you will be requested to provide your direct email address, as well as your picture.

This information will only be used for FIDI Conference related matters and material, such as:

  • The List of Delegates (printed and on-line version) (please note that your picture and email address will be visible to all registred attendees)
  • The conference badge
  • The 2019 FIDI Conference App
  • Logistical organisation (workshop attendance, activities, etc.)
  • To send you conference related information and updates

Please note that by registering to the FIDI Conference, you give FIDI the full right to use this personal information for any Conference-related matter. Should you not agree to this, please explicitely inform the FIDI Conference team via email: conference@fidi.org . FIDI pledges not to sell or hand over your personal information to third parties.

3.4. List of Delegates

If you want your details to be included in the printed List of Delegates Booklet, the following conditions have to be complied with:

  • We must receive your Conference registration and picture no later than Monday 18th February 2019
  • Please note that your name will appear exactly as you indicated in your registration; FIDI cannot be held responsible for any spelling mistakes made by you upon filling in the FIDI Conference registration form
  • Your FIDI company name will appear as it is listed in the FIDI database
  • No changes and/or additions can be made after the above cut-off date

3.5. Replacements of Attendance

If you have registered to the conference and cannot attend, we kindly ask you to contact our Conference Team, prior to the conference, at: conference@fidi.org.

You can either get a registration fee refund, subject to the FIDI Conference Cancelation Policy, or you may appoint someone within your company to replace you.  Please notify the FIDI Conference Team who will be attending in your place, so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

3.6. Business/Commercial Meetings & Private Social Events

When planning your private meetings of commercial groups or associations, please keep in mind that these cannot conflict with the FIDI Conference’s key events such as business sessions and social evening activities. The same regulation applies for any private social events, which have to be planned during the free evenings. FIDI asks, that should you be looking to organize your own activity, to schedule it during the free time and to please inform the FIDI Events Officer of the event you are organising.

You may rent a meeting room at the FIDI Conference Hotel through FIDI (upon availability) to organise your own business meetings.  It is however a pre-requisite for your meeting attendees to be registered to the Annual FIDI Conference. As the meeting rooms are located within the FIDI Conference premises, only FIDI delegates are authorized to use and enter that space.

To book a meeting room, please contact: conference@fidi.org.


FIDI has negotiated a special FIDI rate for your hotel stay. To obtain this rate you have to register your room accommodation through the FIDI Conference registration system – this year, attendees will have the opportunity to book their hotel at the same time as completing their registration.

This means, that both registration and hotel accommodation will be pre-paid at the time of registration, with more favourable registration rates if you stay at the conference hotel.

Important notes:

The number of rooms available to FIDI Conference attendees with the special FIDI rate are limited. The reservations will be handled on a first come, first served basis, depending on availability.

FIDI Conference Hotel

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Dam 9

1012 JS Amsterdam

The Netherlands


5.1. Cancellation/Travel insurance

Out of experience, we strongly recommend you opt for a cancellation/travel insurance through your local travel agency or similar.  The modest cost of insurance is a worthwhile investment to avoid the much higher cost of cancelling attendance. FIDI aisbl will not refund or cover any losses in flight, hotel or other activities due to cancelation of the event.

5.2. Conference & Hotel registration cancellation

Please note the following cancellation policies are applicable when cancelling your attendance and hotel accommodation at the 2019 FIDI Conference.

Until Thursday 31st January 2019 inclusive 70% refund
From Friday 1st February until Friday 15th March 2019 inclusive 50% refund
As from Saturday 16th March onwards 0% refund

All optional payable activities and tours are non refundable.

5.3. Changes to the Conference Programme

Every effort will be made to deliver the programme for the conference and its social events as published on the FIDI Conference website and brochures. However, in the unlikely event that FIDI has to make any change to the destination, hotel or programme, FIDI aisbl strictly reserves the right to change, amend or cancel any specific event as it best sees fit. FIDI aisbl may NOT be held liable for such curtailment, cancellation or substitution.

You are advised to regularly check the FIDI Website, FIDI Conference App or at the FIDI Registration Desk during the conference for any last minute changes to the programme.

Changes falling under the FIDI Conference cancellation policy will be granted a refund.

A credit note will be issued after the FIDI Annual Conference and the related refund will then be paid back to your company.


You are responsible for checking your passport and visa requirements to attend the FIDI Annual Conference.  If you need a letter of invitation, please contact conference@fidi.org.

Please note that no refund will be considered for non-attendance due to visa problems. Should a problem occur on entry to The Netherlands or on application for a visa to visit, FIDI aisbl reserves the right to decline assistance, but will do what it can to assist.


FIDI aisbl is not liable for any acts of “Force Majeure / Acts of God”, nor for any event or attendance cancellations due to any acts of “Force Majeure”.

The term “Force Majeure” means any unusual or unforeseen circumstances which are beyond FIDI’s control.  This may include, but is not limited to: war, threat of war, riot, civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other circumstances amounting to force majeure.


FIDI’s preferred local Destination Management Company is offering optional pre- and post-conference tours and activities.

Information on these tours and activities is available upon request.

The local Destination Management Company reserves the right to cancel any optional tour, at any time, in case the specified minimum number of participants has not been reached. Please note that no insurance coverage is included in the tour rates. We consequently recommend you opt for a travel or cancellation insurance of your own

Do note that all tours are organized by the local Destination Management Company and NOT by FIDI aisbl.  

9. Anti-Trust Guidelines at Conferences

Most trade association activities are procompetitive or competitively neutral. For example, a trade association like FIDI may help establish industry standards that protect the public or allow components from different service providers to operate together. The association also may represent its affiliates before legislatures or government agencies, providing valuable information to inform government decisions. When these activities are done with adequate safeguards, they need not pose an antitrust risk.

However, forming a trade association like FIDI, and particularly participating in a conference, does not shield joint activities from antitrust scrutiny: Dealings among competitors that violate the law would still violate the law even if they were done through a trade association.

FIDI is an organization built on the principles of trust and integrity and the highest standards of behavior.  Adherence to the rules of competition is an intrinsic part of that integrity which FIDI has as part of its aims. In order to operate, FIDI must be able to inspire confidence in the market that both it and its Affiliates aspire to those high standards.   Worldwide competition laws prohibit agreements and concerted practices between companies that restrict competition, such as price fixing.  Price fixing is a very broad term that includes any concerted effort or action which has an effect on prices. Other agreements among competitors that are subject to particular antitrust scrutiny include bid rigging (usually a form of price fixing), agreements to allocate customers or territories, and other agreements not to compete.

Accordingly, in our FIDI sessions all participants should refrain from any discussion which may provide the basis for an inference that any participant agreed to take action relating to prices, production, allocation of markets, or any other matter that would have a market effect because of a reduction in competition. The following topics, while not the only ones, are some of the main ones, which should not be discussed at our meeting:

  1. Do not discuss current or future billing rates, fees, disbursement charges or other items that could be construed as “price.” Further, be very careful of discussions of past billing rates, fees or prices.
  2. Do not discuss what is a fair profit, billing rate or wage level.
  3. Do not discuss an increase or decrease in price, fees or wages, or disbursement charges. In this regard, remember that interest charges are considered an item of price.
  4. Do not discuss standardizing or stabilizing prices, fees or wages, or disbursement charges.
  5. Do not discuss current billing or fee procedures.
  6. Do not discuss the imposition of credit terms or the amount thereof.
  7. Do not complain to a competitor about his billing rates, fees or wages.
  8. Do not discuss refusing to deal with anyone because of his pricing or fees.
  9. Do not conduct surveys (even informally) relating to fees, wages or other economic matters without prior review by antitrust legal counsel.

The penalties for violating federal or state antitrust laws are severe. The most serious antitrust violations such as price fixing can incur criminal penalties including multi-million dollar fines and prison sentences for individuals and corporate officers who are found guilty of bid rigging, price fixing or market allocation.

FIDI is expecting all its Affiliates to be aware of the risks of infringing competition rules in trade associations and to explicitly dissociate themselves from such anti-competitive behavior.